It all began with lemonade.


There you are, sitting in the sun at a rickety table, with a pitcher of lemonade and plastic cups and a hand-painted sign, while your friends were playing at the lake or playground.  You don’t care, because, hey, you’re in business, and to you, that’s the greatest fun. You actually thought Lucy, of Peanuts fame, was a brilliant entrepreneur and role model.

Business is in our blood, too, at North Central.  Whether you want to be an accountant, run a hotel, start your own business or manage someone else’s, our business programs get you ready for the challenge.


Let's toast your lemonade stand 2.0!


BUSINESS: Accounting (AAS), Accounting Assistant (C), Advertising Assistant (C), Bookkeeping (C), Business Development (CD), Business Management (AAS), Entrepreneurship (C), Entrepreneurship Essentials (CD), General Office Professional (C), Management (C), Marketing (AAS), Marketing Assistant (C), Microsoft Office Specialist (CD),  Office Administrative Services (AAS), Office Support Specialist (CD), Receptionist (CD), and Small Business Management (C).

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