It's in your genes.


That innate sense of color, of seeing something beautiful in everyday life. The laughing toddler holding a balloon is a painting; the lump of clay, a beautiful bowl. You want to wrap yourself in the warmth of an afghan made of wool that you spun and dyed, and you want to watch the sun’s rays through the glass ornament you made with your own hands and breath.

Art is an important part of North Central.  We believe in the beauty of it and encourage artistic exploration throughout the campus. We have classes to suit every taste, and programs to get you started in your own studio.

Check out the artistic side of North Central, and unleash your “creativity” genes.


The "earth" without "art" is just "eh."



Animation (C), Business of Art (CD), Communications (C), Fine Craft (C), Graphic Arts (CD), New Media (CD), Studio Art (C), Textiles (CD)

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