Learning is a full-body experience.


The future of education is moving away from the instructor at the front of the classroom and the students at the tables. Part of the excitement of college is working side by side with your professors, learning with and from one another.

Whether it’s field work at local archeological digs, a writing and poetry intensive while camping on Beaver Island, or an opportunity to wear waders while collecting specimens in the Bear River, it’s experiential learning at its best…at North Central Michigan College.


I hear, and I forget.

I see, and I remember.

I do, and I understand.

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The 2016 Beaver Island experiential learning experience featured the following courses: 

Introduction to Poetry, taught by James McCullough

Interpersonal Communication, taught by Jenny Maginnis


The Old Mission Field School archaeology field school on Old Mission Peninsula:

Taught by Kerri Finlayson