Maslow’s Hierarchy


We know that physiological needs of college students include good food, good exercise and school supplies/personal items reasonably priced and readily available. 

North Central has you covered, whether you live on campus on not.

The Iron Horse Café is the central meeting hub for students, faculty, staff and community, providing breakfast, hot lunch and dinner. Come and relax, watch TV, play video games and enjoy the company of your friends. The Iron Horse Café (IHC) is open to the public.

The Student and Community Resource Center (SCRC) features three official NCAA-size basketball courts, a community walking track and circuit/cardio fitness rooms.  Any current North Central student may use the basketball courts by simply showing a valid North Central student ID card at the fitness office.

The College Store, located in the Student and Community Resource Center, offers textbook rental, used books and reduced cost textbooks as well as supplies, clothing and electronics.  The store also offers online options for books and other supplies and merchandise.